Quality Certifications:
Our quality system is maintained according to international quality standards and recognized methods of quality control and certified in accordance to:


Furthermore we qualify for one of the automotive industry most widely used standards for quality management namely the ISO 16494:2016 in which we are pursuing certification. Transitioning towards this standard has allowed us to tighten out Quality Management Principles and reviewed our commited process approach and strengthen our risk-based thinking. Our Manufacturing Execution System has played a significant role and allows for complete traceability.

Numerous in-line Testing and Verification Systems:
  • Solder paste application control with SPI machine (Solder paste inspection)
  • Visual control implemented with AOI (Automated optical inspection)
  • Electrical functioning is controlled with ICT (In-Circuit Test)
  • We also develop and manufacture functional custom test devices (FCT)

Full Traceability:
SMT has implemented and is using an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and exercises strict control or material management, traceability of components, machine programming and work instructions from the first step through testing and shipping of the product with metrics available to management and business partners.